Unlocking conservation potential for people and nature

Conservation leadership specialist Maliasili is working with Blue Ventures to build the African Marine Conservation Leadership Programme, the first of its kind in the Western Indian Ocean region.

The African Marine Conservation Leadership Programme is an online initiative that will strengthen organisations’ impact by building the skills of their leaders to transform organisational capabilities. The new fellowship brings together 17 outstanding conservation leaders from eight of the Western Indian Ocean’s leading national and local organisations, delivering conservation on and below the water.

The programme assesses the needs of local organisations across this regional seascape, and provides bespoke training, knowledge exchanges and information sharing platforms. Over a nine month curriculum leaders are being supported with a blend of virtual and self paced learning, as well as one to one and peer coaching sessions tailored to meet participants’ needs, and provided with tools to efficiently transmit specific skills back to their organisations.  

Training areas include management, strategic planning, fundraising, fisheries management, monitoring and evaluation, conflict resolution, recruitment, communications and wellbeing. The programme is also addressing the complex challenges created by COVID-19 for conservation and fisheries management, as well as supporting organisations shifting their operations to digital working.

Maliasili are experts in building stronger conservation organisations. For nearly a decade the organisation has been enabling conservation organisations to develop strategies to overcome barriers and increase their effectiveness to support conservation. Maliasili has a breadth of experience in supporting the leadership of conservation efforts including terrestrial organisations supporting wildlife conservation and community land rights and conservation through the African Conservation Leadership Network.

Alongside this programme, Blue Ventures provides parallel technical and development support to local marine conservation organisations − from data analytics and unrestricted funding to strategy and fundraising support − while also sharing learning and best practice, and providing opportunities for peer support and learning exchanges.

The first cohort includes the leaders and deputies of COMRED (Coastal and Marine Resources Development), Dahari, Kwetu Training Center for Sustainable Development, Local Ocean Conservation, Mwambao, Northern Rangelands Trust, Safari Doctors, and Sea Sense.