African Marine Conservation Leadership Programme

Backing Africa’s marine conservation leaders

Conservation organisations and coastal communities working on the front lines of the ocean emergency to rebuild fisheries, restore ocean life, and protect local livelihoods are facing increasingly complex and widespread challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and overfishing.

Tackling these local and global challenges and driving systemic change requires outstanding conservation leaders who can build organisations and networks far greater than the sum of their parts. When leaders unlock their full potential. they have greater resources and influence to develop high-impact teams, organisations, and movements that can catalyse change for both people and nature.

To increase the capabilities and impact of national and regional organisations and accelerate local efforts to protect livelihoods and marine areas across the Western Indian Ocean (WIO), Blue Ventures and conservation leadership specialist Maliasili launched the African Marine Conservation Leadership Programme (AMCLP) in 2020.

Designed to boost the capacity and network of national and regional organisations supporting locally led conservation across the region, this innovative initiative brings together leaders of trailblazing marine conservation organisations in the WIO to develop their skills through bespoke training.


Since 2020, we have brought together outstanding conservation leaders from high impact conservation organisations, connecting peers through a supportive community of practise across east Africa and the western Indian Ocean.


Over twelve months leaders are supported with a blend of virtual and self paced learning, as well as one to one and peer coaching sessions tailored to meet participants’ needs.


Training areas include management, strategic planning, building effective teams, fundraising, conflict resolution, partnership development, communications and wellbeing.

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